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Get your business on Google Maps from only £120 (including VAT)

Google Street View trusted badge

Tours are created by your local Trusted Photographer (that's me!)

You deal with a long-established local business, not Google

Your Tour appears on Google Maps and on Search results

You can add your Tour to your own website or Facebook

The price is fixed in advance (see price table below)

No on-going costs or future commitments of any kind, ever

Take it for a spin ...try these Tours we've produced

Jules Restaurant, Weobley

See Inside Jules Restaurant

The Salutation Inn, Weobley

See Inside Ye Olde Salutation Inn

Gwen Walford House, Hereford

See Inside Gwen Walford House Nursing Home | (other start points)

Weobley Primary School

See Inside Weobley Primary School

HiFi Gear store, Hereford

See Inside HiFi Gear, Hereford

Tupsley Dental Practice

See Inside Tupsley Dental Practice - Upstairs and Downstairs!


How much does it cost? ...from £120 inc VAT

A Starter Tour includes up to five viewpoints and, crucially, gets you on the Map. It's all a small shop or cafe would need.

If you have larger premises and want to show it off, that's up to you, you can extend your Tour to show as much or as little as you want. Whatever you choose it's a once only payment with no future costs!

Tour Price ex VAT inc VAT
Starter Tour £100 £120
Extra Viewpoints (each) £10 £12

Ready to get on the Map?

Making your Tour is easy. We visit your business, photograph it with the indoor version of Google Street View, then get it all uploaded to Google.

Depending on size, the photo session can be over in about an hour and we can visit at a time of your choosing, so it's not going to be a lot of fuss or bother.

Google Trusted Photographer

Call me, Michael Maloney, the only Herefordshire based Google Trusted Independent photographer, on 01544 318800 or email for a no-obligation quote, and we'll get you on the map!

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