Custom websites created for distinctive organisations

“Myst Ltd: creativity, with the best possible technical back-up …it's the complete service”

Websites for business by business

We've been hand crafting websites for our clients since the dawn of the internet. Indeed, probably our single biggest project over the past decade was an online store that took a local company from two girls in a spare bedroom to a multi-million pound turnover worldwide success.

Examples of our Work

Norman Allen Group Travel Logo Norman Allen Group Travel website
Automated export from our Adobe InDesign catalogue work generates totally consistent webpages that match perfectly with their printed materials.

Peter Jones (ILG) Ltd Logo Peter Jones Industrial Leather Goods website
Pure, hand-coded HTML and CSS goodness, backed by our studio photography and video services.

Weobley Dental Surgery Logo Weobley Dental Surgery website
Our local dentist's surgery wanted a relaxed, informative website that summed up their un-fussy approach to healthcare. The result, a hand-coded site and a Google Street View virtual tour, all for about 1/3rd the cost of a 'cookie-cutter' site from one of the major dental website specialists.

Savile Row or Off-the-peg?

Ever get the feeling that small business websites nowadays look a bit samey? It's as if they’ve all been forced through the same cookie-cutter. Well, many of them have! Template systems are all the rage. They're everywhere, promising to let anyone create a website in minutes. As are the web-designers that use them. Or maybe a Facebook or Twitter presence is thought to be enough. Well, that's OK until you maybe want to do something different; until you want a website that does what you want; until you need a website that reflects your business.

That's where we come in. Our websites are hand-coded from the ground up to fit an organisation like a Savile Row suit. Your website needs to be as individual as your business and our long, long experience means it can be. No off-the-shelf template solutions here. Even better, we offer full backup - all the services you need to ensure a successful website are gathered together under one roof. Our coding skills mean that database integration can be taken for granted; standards compliant code means your site will naturally be mobile device and SEO friendly; and our choice of middleware brings security and speed; even better, kicking out those bloated templates means faster, more responsive websites;

In short, a Myst coded website could be the best investment your business could make: call me, Michael Maloney, on 01544 318800 to talk through your options.

“Myst Ltd: creativity, with the best possible technical back-up …it's the complete service”

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