Do you have a book to publish?

Finding a publisher willing to take a risk on an untested print book is getting more and more difficult. The costs of producing, storing and shipping heavy paper books is getting higher all the time. iBooks from Myst removes all these problems at a stroke. Apple may be the coolest company in the world right now, but they're also a reliable distribution partner with global reach: your book can be on 51 iBooks Stores around the world, at a price you set, in a matter of days. Apple's selling costs are reasonable and known in advance and all the labyrinthine tax implications of selling around the world are taken care of for you.

Why iBooks?

We believe that Apple's iBooks platform is the first one to fulfill the promise of electronic books. Unlike any of the other ebook formats currently available, iBooks offer full interactivity and the control over layout that authors crave. iBooks offer effectively limitless space to show glorious, screen-filling photos, play videos and much more. They transform the expectations of what ebooks can achieve.

“From your desk the iBooks Store”

We are your route into iBooks. We can create an iBook for you, our design, photography, even video skills, will turn your idea into (virtual) reality. And it needn't cost you a penny. Call me, Michael Maloney, on 01544 318800 to discuss publishing your books online.

Case Study

'A Year in the Wildlife Garden' by Jenny Steel

Award-winning author Jenny Steel turned to us to bring her books to the iPad. The result is a lavish four-part book cycle that covers the changing seasons in her Shropshire wildlife garden. Available now on the iBooks Store.

The Wildlife Garden in Spring

The Wildlife Garden in Spring,
volume 1 of 'A Year in the Wildlife Garden'.

The Wildlife Garden in Summer

The Wildlife Garden in Summer,
volume 2 of 'A Year in the Wildlife Garden'.

The Wildlife Garden in Autumn

The Wildlife Garden in Autumn,
volume 3 of 'A Year in the Wildlife Garden'.

The Wildlife Garden in Winter

The Wildlife Garden in Winter,
volume 4 of 'A Year in the Wildlife Garden'.

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