Etching by Sarah Smith

Bird Table by Sarah Smith

Vienna Fragment 4 by Angela Gladwell

Vienna Fragment 4 by Angela Gladwell

Birches Red by Maria Morgan

Birches Red by Maria Morgan


Services for Herefordshire Artists

OK, it's not only for Herefordshire artists - we scan and print for artists, photographers, galleries and museums from across the region - but you know what we mean. We recognise the value that artists place on being able to discuss the reproduction of their work with the print technician. H.Art logo It's so much simpler that way and produces better results. Maybe that's why we've got an winner or two to our name! You are welcome to bring your work to our office in Weobley and take your prints away with you same day.

Step One: Scanning …creating a Digital Master of your work

Giclée prints are only as good as the file they are made from. We carefully photograph your painting in our studio to produce a super high resolution digital master that we can print from.

The price for Scanning depends on the size you want to print at. If all you want is an image to display online the small option will be more than good enough.

Reproduction Size Scanning Price
To print smaller than 275mm (11") £24
To print larger than 275mm (11") £30

We will store and safely backup these files for you, but never hold them to ransom - it's your artwork after all - you are always welcome to take the digital masters away with you if you wish, just bring a USB stick when you come. You'll find our files will be welcomed at any print bureau.

Do you work in oils? No problem.

Normal methods of scanning artwork have problems with shiny originals such as oil paintings. And not just oils: some crayons, pencils and even acrylics too can get washed out in the scanning process, leading to weak shadows and lifeless prints. Our special scanning system cuts through the glare to give you the richest colours and deep, clear prints full of detail, whatever your chosen medium.

Special lighting cuts through the haze

Retouching: perfecting your Digital Master

Getting your digital master ready to print is always included in the scanning price. But we can go much further if you need. Cutting-out, montaging, retouching, colour correcting and much more is possible with your digital master. Of course, you may not want to do anything at all, but we find that most artists like to be fully involved in the reproduction of their works. Forget trying to instruct a stranger via email or over the phone, you need to see what's happening on-screen, and that's when our local service is at its most important.

Retouching, if required Price
Per ½ hour £24

Step Two: Printing ...the perfect giclée on the perfect paper

Our prints are made with an industry leading 12 colour ink set that gives rich, vibrant prints that should be fade free for over 100 years.

Printer with 12 inks for exceptional colour fidelity

Print pricing: all our prints are on paper that is 600mm (2 feet) wide. The print can be as long as you want, but it's always going to be 600mm wide. There is an initial setup cost of £9 for preparing a new print. This is only charged once per print run. Then it's a fixed cost per centimeter of print.

Giclée Paper Price for 600mm wide print
On Baryta Paper £9 + 35p per cm
On Rives paper £9 + 50p per cm

Note: we will always use the width of the paper to the best advantage. So if your print is only small we can put two or more images side by side so you get multiple copies for the price of one.

Baryta or Rives?

We tested over 40 papers before settling on these two very particular papers.

Canson Baryta Photographique is the paper that came out top in those tests. Richer colours, brighter whites and deeper blacks mean your prints will look at their best. This is the premier paper for photographers.

But, there's more to choosing a paper than technicalities.

That's where BFK Rives comes in. This is a paper with a fine-art heritage going back hundreds of years. Its gorgeous, velvety texture turns every print into a work of art. This is the number one choice for our artist customers.

Limited Edition Printing

We understand that printing the several copies of the same image required for a limited edition print run is a major undertaking for most artists. But printing multiple prints at one time brings many benefits. Print consistency is one - and it's a big one of course. We strive to maintain constant image quality from print to print, day to day, year to year, but printing is a real world activity and absolute consistency simply isn't acheivable: especially when prints are being scrutinised by a trained artist's eye. But multiple prints run at the same time do match as closely as possible: using the same inks, the same batch of paper, the same environmental conditions ensures the greatest possible consistency.

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