The Wiggly Podcast from Myst Ltd

From 2005 to 2011 the Wiggly Podcast was produced by us, Myst Ltd, for Herefordshire company Wiggly Wigglers. It was one of the very first podcasts available and, with thousands of listeners from all around the world and over one hundred 5-star reviews on iTunes, one of the most popular podcasts of its time too.

One of our Favourite Episodes

To celebrate the Wiggly Podcast Centenary the team responds to a challenge... it's time to reconsider the chocolate rating they award to any goodies they review! What could be more straightforward? Would the educated palate please step forward?

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But there's more...

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You can listen here to the 100th Show

Some of the Highlights:
00 mins 01 secs Great excitement - it's the 100th show!
02 mins 30 secs A Richard nugget - a rather novel sprinkler system.
03 mins 50 secs Women and chocolate
04 mins 43 secs A Farmer Phil nugget
05 mins 14 secs The team don their rather unusual blindfolds and the tasting begins.
07 mins 23 secs Chocolate ethics
16 mins 47 secs The bags go back on...
25 mins 46 secs More chocolate darlings?
27 mins 08 secs and now for the results...
29 mins 32 secs Anyone for a glass of vintage Champagne?
30 mins 45 secs A Farmer Phil nugget
31 mins 12 secs "Cheers" to the listener and here's to the next 100 shows!
33 mins 06 secs A final word from the editor and farewell from the team