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Is there anything new in the field of general knowledge quizzes?

Well, is there?

'In the Year', thinks so.

Teaming general knowledge questions with logic, reasoning and deductive skills, all against the clock, makes 'In the Year' a very different kind of quiz.

All new gameplay

It starts with the gameplay.
First 'In the Year' gives clues, then it takes them away! But, don't worry, it gives the answers as well?!?!

It's just that the clues may not be entirely helpful, and there are more answers than required!

Huh, that's just plain old Multiple Choice!

No, it's not Multiple Choice again.
But it is Guided Misdirection.

It starts with those clues. Five statements appear on screen, but are any of them true? Some are true; some may seem true; others you may wish were true; but, in all likelihood, they're as fishy as a trawler full of haddock. However, they will lead you to the answers, so pay attention...

Then onto the answers. At first glance the statements may appear childishly simple (or devilishly difficult - hey, we all know different stuff), but wait: is it all really that simple? Or are you being mislead by a whopping red herring? (Hint: probably yes!)
On the other hand, of course, for topics that you aren't strong on there's no need to lose hope. The answers are there on the screen after all and a little logic, deduction and lateral thinking will do wonders in narrowing down your choices. It's so much more than just another quiz.

A kipper with a kind heart

In short, 'In the Year' may have been designed to mislead, but it's a kipper with a kind heart!

The Complete Experience

Choose from four gorgeous playing boards: wood, pink, metal and sky. Built from the ground up with hundreds of question-statements, thousands of gamepieces, silky smooth touch dragging, built-in Tweeting, rotate to show scoreboard, animated countdown timers, it's all there. 'In the Year' brings the full iPad experience to quizzing.

Why 'In the Year'?

Questions cover events and culture from the past 200 years. Each round covers the events of a particular year — hence the name.


You can find out more on our instructions page.

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